The Secret / Law of Attraction / Law of Assumption

Read all books by the following authors:

Neville Lancelot Goddard
Max Freedom Long
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
Ernest Shurtleff Holmes
Joseph Murphy

Their books will half the time it takes you to learn “The Secret” Law of Attraction / Law of Assumption. They can help you to understand “The Secret”, “Third Eye” (Kundalini) activation, intuition, enlightenment, telekinesis, remote viewing and healing, etc.

Neville Goddard

“Out of This World” by Neville Goddard.
“Resurrection” by Neville Goddard.
“Awakened Imagination / The Search” by Neville Goddard.
“The Neville Reader” by Neville Goddard.
“The Miracle of Imagination” by Neville Goddard.
“At Your Command” by Neville Goddard.
“Feeling is the Scret” by Neville Goddard.
“Your Faith Is Your Fortune” by Neville Goddard.
“Prayer: The Art of Believing” by Neville Goddard.
“The Law and The Promise” by Neville Goddard.
“Seedtime and Harvest” by Neville Goddard.
“The Power of Awareness” by Neville Goddard.
“Freedom for All” by Neville Goddard.
“The Law and the Promise” by Neville Goddard.
“Immortal Man: A Compilation of Lectures” by Neville Goddard.
“1948 Lessons Series with Q&A” by Neville Goddard.

“The Neville Reader” by Neville Goddard (contains seven of Neville’s books):
The Law and the Promise.
Prayer: The Art of Believing.
Feeling is the Secret.
Freedom for All.
Out of this World.
Seedtime and Harvest.

Read, “Awakened Imagination / The Search.” Master the chapter, “The Pruning Shears of Revision.” It will help you.
Read chapter 109 to 118 of “Resurrection.” It contains Neville’s manifestation secret (Law of Attraction).
A lecture given by Neville Goddard about Law of Assumption, now know as the Law of Attraction (“The Secret”).
“I Remember When” by Neville Goddard (Neville Lecture: April-10-1968).
Neville Goddard Class Instruction 1948: Powerful manifesting technique; transform your world, fast.
The secret behind “The Secret” / Law of Attraction / Law of Assumption ::

Neville Lectures (audio)

Max Freedom Long and Books on Huna

“Recovering the Ancient Magic” by Max Freedom Long.
“The Huna Code in Religions” by Max Freedom Long.
“The Secret Science At Work: New Light On Prayer” by Max Freedom Long.
“The Secret Science Behind Miracles” by Max Freedom Long.
“What Jesus Taught in Secret” by Max Freedom Long.
“Growing Into Light” by Max Freedom Long.
“Mana, or Vital Force” by Max Freedom Long.
“Self Suggestion: And the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis, Ho’Opono, Ho’Oponopono Instant Healing” by Max Freedom Long.
“Short Talks on Huna” by Max Freedom Long.
“HUNA: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking” by William R. Glover.

Max Freedom Long

The secret behind “The Secret” / Law of Attraction / Law of Assumption

Simeona prayer: The Ho’oponopono Process

“Light-Switch Huna: A Simple System for Using the Huna System Without Theories, History, or Explanations of Special Terminology.” by Dr. E. Otha Wingo.

Ho’oponopono and EFT

“Statement of Release” by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Ho’oponopono by Morrnah Simeona

Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Healing by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

“Minds: Phineas Parkhurst Quimby’s Science of Health & Happiness” by Ervin Seale (ISBN-10: 0875167039).
“The Complete Writings of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: Vol 2” by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (Author), Ervin Seale (Author) (ISBN-10: 0875166016).
“The Complete Collected Works of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby” by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (Author), Quimby Society (Editor) (ISBN-10: 0615237843).
“Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond” by Ronald Hughes.
“The Quimby Manuscripts” by Horatio W. Dresser (ISBN-10: 0766140520)
“The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby” by Annetta Gertrude Dresser
“The Healing Wisdom of Dr. P. P. Quimby” by Mason A. Clark
“Quimby’s Science of Happiness” by Erroll Stafford Collie
“Quimby’s Technique” by Horatio W. Dresser
“Other Quimby Writings and articles”

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

“The Science of Mind: A Philosophy, A Faith, A Way of Life” by Ernest Holmes [1926]
The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
“Living the Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.
“How to Use the Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.
“This Thing Called You” by Ernest Holmes.
“Love and Law: The Unpublished Teachings” by Ernest Holmes.
“Creative Mind: Tapping the Power Within” by Ernest Holmes.
“The Art of Life” by Ernest Holmes.
“Basic Ideas of Science and Mind” by Ernest Holmes.
“365 Science of Mind: A Year of Daily Wisdom” by Ernest Holmes.
“Creative Mind and Success” by Ernest Holmes.
“The Beverly Hill Lectures” by Ernest Holmes.
“Can We Talk to God?” by Ernest Holmes.
“How to Change Your Life” by Ernest Holmes.
“The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes” by Ernest Holmes.
“This Thing Called Life” by Ernest Holmes.
“Thoughts are ” by Ernest Holmes.
“Words That Heal Today” by Ernest Holmes.
“The Anatomy of Healing Prayer” by Ernest Holmes.
“Immortality” by Ernest Holmes.
“It Can Happen to You” by Ernest Holmes.
“Mind Remakes Your World” by Ernest Holmes.
“New Horizons” by Ernest Holmes.
“The Essential Ernest Holmes” by Ernest Holmes.
“That Was Ernest: The Story of” by Ernest Holmes.
“Ernest Holmes & the Religious Science Movement” by Ernest Holmes.
Joseph Murphy

“The Miracles of Your Mind” by Joseph Murphy.
“Peace Within Yourself” by Joseph Murphy.
“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.
“The Miracle of Mind Dynamics” by Joseph Murphy.
“Prayer Is the Answer” by Joseph Murphy.
“The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power” by Joseph Murphy.
“Your Infinite Power to Be Rich” by Joseph Murphy.
“Secrets of the I Ching” by Joseph Murphy.
“Psychic Perception: The Magic of Extrasensory Perception” by Joseph Murphy.
“The Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe” by Joseph Murphy.
“These Truths Can Change Your Life” by Joseph Murphy.
“How to Use the Laws of Mind” by Joseph Murphy.
“Songs of God” by Joseph Murphy.


SILVA METHOD: Tips To Make (THE SECRET) The Law Of Attraction Work For You INSTANTLY: Silva Intuition System: Intuitive Mind. : :

Vishen Lakhiani ( talks about Silva Intuition System.

:#: “Hästens MindSpa by (meditation machine. there’s also Mindspa’s mini app for iPhone. search online. there’s also Mac app that you can use and make your own mind movie / slide show. search online).
:#: “MindMaster.Tv (while using your computer).
:#: “ThoughtDr by (while asleep).

The Strangest Secret in the World (Earl Nightingale talks about the key to success and the key to failure).

Third Eye: Activated inner eye leads to higher consciousness, enlightenment, and precognition. If you really want it, you can get it.

How To Awaken The Kundalini (Third Eye): Sadhana Yoga / Meditation.

Pineal Gland Activation: How to activate your pineal gland.

Solar Plexus

Make gratitude and appreciation a daily habbit.

How to magically attract anything (including, your ideal soul mate).

Mirror of the Mind Visualization Technique: The mirror of the mind technique is to go to alpha brain wave level, visualize the problem in a blue framed mirror and then change the mirror’s frame to a white one and visualize the GOAL or INTENDED state inside that framed mirror instead.

How to get what you want every time

Feeling is the secret to manifestation: “Get Full of The Feeling”

What’s on your Vision Board?

How to create a Vision Board. ::

“The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams” by John Assaraf.

John Assaraf’s Vision Board Secret.

“The Dream Big System: The Key to Living The Law of Attraction” by Jack Canfield.

“The Vision Board” by Joyce Schwarz.

How to Make Your Prosperity Wheel: Click “Prosperity Wheel”

Your Vision Board and Gratitude Journal for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ::

How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction.

Helene Hadsell’s secret to winning anything: “4-Step Manifestation Secret.” Helen Hadsell is “the woman who wins every contest she enters.” She uses spiritual principles to win contests.
(1) “The Wish Craft Exercise” by Helene Hadsell. ::  
(2) “The Winning Sage” by Helene Hadsell. ::

Law of Attraction (“The Secret”): Use Alpha Level to think, create, innovate & pull ideas out of thin air.

The Alpha sound is better for relaxation than ANY classical music.

Downloads: Meditation Music.
(1) “Reiki Gold” by Llewellyn
(2) “Journey to the Angels” by Llewellyn
(3) “Journey to the Temple” by Llewellyn

The powerful secret of imagining and inner conversations (the speech of fulfilled desire).

Serotonin “…regulates mood, appetite, sleep, muscle contraction, and some cognitive functions including memory and learning…”

How to concentrate the mind on one thing at a time.

3 year old Hannah’s amazing bedtime prayer.

Personal Development / Self Help Reading List

:#: “The Impersonal Life” by Joseph Benner.
:#: “I Am That” by Nisargadatta Maharaj.
:#: “Unto Thee I Grant” by Sri Ramatherio.
:#: “The Infinite Way” by Joel Goldsmith.
:#: “The Dhammapada” by Eknath Easwaran.
:#: “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras” by Sri Swami Satchidananda.
:#: “Life & Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East (Boxed Set)” by Baird T. Spalding.

The Personal MBA Recommended Reading List
Kids’ Reading List: books for kids of all ages


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